How Sheet Metal Manufacturing Specialists Work

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of bending, cutting and joining of sheet metals to form various end products like frames, racks, stands or counters that can be used in arrange of domestic and commercial settings. Metals like stainless steel and aluminium are regularly used in sheet metal fabrications, due to their strength and flexibility. We, at Micah and Co. are one of the most experienced sheet metal manufacturing specialists in Sydney.

We believe that every customer should be well-educated, and understand how the entire manufacturing process works. Thus, it is our responsibility to provide a clear picture about production of sheet metal fabrications; this helps you make the best decision while choosing the right company for the job. Typically, the sheet metal fabrication process is carried out in three steps and cutting, developing and finishing are commonly used by sheet metal manufacturing specialists, across the world.

Cutting the Sheet Metal

Large sheets of metal are cut into desired shapes and sizes, which can be eventually bent, moulded or connected to form the required structures. Modern machinery like CNC laser cutting machines provide smoother and more accurate results compared to the traditional methods. During the cutting process, the sheet is cut into thin strips and smaller sizes according to customer requirements.

Developing the Sheet Metal

Developing the sheet metal is the process of punching, stamping and connecting smaller cut pieces of metal to form shapes and structures based on customer requirements. Shaping methods such as bending, moulding, stretching and pressing of the metal are collectively called stamping, while punching is done to make holes of different sizes on the sheet metal. Finally, the pieces of the puzzle are put to together to form the final required structure.

Polishing and Finishing

The assembled structure is moved forward for polishing and finishing processes. Polishing is done in order to eliminate stains and rough edges on the surface of the steel. Finally, the end product is delivered to various residential and commercial settings like kitchens, hospitals, schools, industries, stores, etc.

Our role

Micah & Co. is one of the leading sheet metal manufacturing specialists in Sydney. We provide a range of products varying from simple fabrications to complex engineered systems, in the entire Sydney region. So if you have been looking for reliable sheet metal manufacturing specialists in Sydney, who can provide best products at cost-effective price points, you can simply rely on us; give us a call on 1300 743 386 or submit this Contact Us form, and we will be at your service in the shortest possible time.