Aaluminium Welding Services in Sydney

Micah & Co. uses MIG & TIG welding services as well as Spot & Stud welding technology. The Microcomputer controlled spot welders provide a regulated supply of current which ensures a consistent weld resistance in a range of metals, including mild steel, zinc coated, galvanised, stainless steel and aluminium welding Sydney. Micah & Co. has a very experienced team in Sydney who make use of the latest equipment to guarantee an impeccable welding service. Many architectural and Industrial structures demand a high standard of welding in order to carry out the complicated jobs that this industry is so renowned for. Stud welding services has technology allows studs up to 12 mm to be welded to all materials.

Different Welding Techniques

Aluminium Welding is a fabrication process that joins metals together much like any other welding process, the material is heated to its melting point which causes the two parts to join at the weld seam. The TIG welding procedure is used when there is a requirement for high-quality surface finishes and for repairing castings and welding pressure piping. The MIG method is more advanced and tailored for welding thick aluminium work pieces at a quicker speed and for obtaining extensive and nonstop welds. The MIG welding services Sydney technique causes less deformation in the welding region because of a lesser heat contribution.

The pulse arc welding method along with the MIG technique guarantees superior welding results. The low melting point of aluminium alloys as well as its superior thermal conductivity makes aluminium welding challenging and exciting. The technical team at Micah & Co. ensures that all safety precautions are in place during aluminium welding. The welders wear a full-face mask, thick work gloves, and overalls to protect against burns from welding rays and hot metal. Aluminium welding is susceptible to hot cracking which can be tackled by lowering the heat input and by increasing the welding speed; alternatively the material can be preheated prior to welding. All welding services provided at Micah & Co. are guaranteed to be the highest quality in the industry. We are located in Lawson, Sydney and are dedicated and passionate about ensuring customer satisfaction, top quality and impeccable service. Aluminium welding is in high demand in the fabrication industry today.

Welding Services in Sydney

The MIG welding process we use is ideal for all thicknesses’ of steels and can be used on aluminium, nickel, as well as stainless steel. However, in most instances, it is used in the manufacture of various commercial equipment. This equipment consists of a powerful welding gun, power supply, a shielding-gas supply & a wire-drive system. The latter pulls the wire-electrode from the spool and pushes it right through the welding gun.

The Benefits

In most cases, the welding gun may also need a cooling water-source. This is a very reliable and effective method that is used for welding services in Sydney. Its connection yields a very stable arc, and helps smoothen metal transfer, has relatively -low spatter loss & gives good weld-bead characteristics. We use this method extensively in our welding services Sydney and there are a number of benefits to it, including:

  • Since no flux is used, there are no chances of entrapment of slag in the metal- this provides high quality welds
  • The process is much faster than traditional methods
  • Its gas-shield protects the arc and there is very little loss of the alloying elements
  • Very minimal weld spatter is produced
  • MIG welding is a versatile process & can be used with a range of alloys and metals
  • It can be operated in a number of different w ways, including semi & fully –automatic
  • Cost-effective

Aluminium welding is a specialised job and we have the experience and the expertise to handle it to your satisfaction. We have highly experienced personnel on board our team who are able to handle this job with the highest levels  of expertise and you are assured of the best services at all times. For more information, about aluminium welding Sydney, call Micah & Company on 1300 743 386, or contact us on this online form.

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