Sheet Metal Design

Micah & Co. uses state of the art technology, which offers associative and dedicated sheet metal design through an intuitive and flexible user interface. Innovation is central to our business philosophy and we guarantee mutual growth and success for our clients through unflinching professional help across all phases of Sheet Metal design. Our design team combines quality, capability and exceptional customer service with competitive pricing to improve product and component design. At Micah & Co. we believe in exceeding our customer’s expectations by providing the highest level of service.

Our continued investment in high tech equipment and training ensure constant development of expertise and technical know-how, this guarantees effective and reliable solutions for our customers. All perforated pattern designs are visualized into 3D design by using 3D CAD software before they are manufactured.

Focus on Design Improvement

Micah & Co. constantly aims at improving productivity and efficiency without increasing operational costs. All the processes are under constant review to ensure long life and lower maintenance costs. Our team works in tandem with our customers to provide their crucial inputs during the entire product life cycle, which starts with the design phase and ends with the completion of the required product. We use the most powerful, unparalleled and fully parametric tools for sheet metal design. The Design department is well supported by the engineering department, which brings in the Autodesk Inventor to generate maximum mileage.

Design of sheet metal products can be a complex and elaborate process without 3D modelling which allows effective design communication and perfect estimation of the manufacturability, flat pattern, weight and cost of the product. The demand for shortened cycles has narrowed the leeway allowed for exploration. Therefore, Sheet Metal Design becomes pertinent to any sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication industry. At Micah & Co. you will discover a level of craftsmanship you are unlikely to find anywhere else in Australia.

Effective Metal Stamping in Sydney

Metal stamping in Sydney is a fast & cost-effective solution used to manufacture large quantities of very complex products. Currently, there are 3 major precision-stamping applications in use at most factories across the world:

  • Micro-precision stamping
  • Prototype design
  • Intricate precision metalwork

In the Metal Stamping process, high tonnage presses & stamping dies are used to forge metal sheets into semi-complete/ complete parts. This process improves the accuracy & speed of complex stamping applications as it allows the stamping and folding, drawing/ piercing of the product in a series of or single operations.

Metal Stamping Benefits

  • Metal Stamping is very highly automated and this makes the process best-suited for high-volume manufacturing
  • The production levels increase and the labour costs drop for the manufacturer
  • Upfront tooling costs
  • Precision cutting with no burrs on metal edges

Micro-Precision Metal Stamping

This method is used to make minute cuts, bends and stamps or folds in a work-piece. Typically, the machines used in micro-precision stamping support tools that have diameters on a micron level. The minimum-diameter capabilities also vary based on a specific machine. However, the common minimum specifications are 002”-.005”. Micro-stamping combines photo-etching technology and 3D-computer software that performs exceptionally exact operations.


In addition to its effectiveness in being able to manufacture small parts, the process also has a number of other benefits including:

  • Reduced risk– Inclusion of digital & modular tooling reduces the cost of tooling
  • Quick results– Since there are decreased tooling barriers, it’s possible to finish production within days
  • Added flexibility– If any changes are required in product designs, the process is cheaper and less time consuming compared to conventional precision stamping methods.

Intricate Precision-Metalwork

At times, certain manufacturers need innovative designs or complex products and this is where our intricate precision metalwork comes into the picture. We specialise in all types of metal stamping and have the necessary technology to provide you the solutions you need. We use a range of processes such as:

  • In-die extrusion & tapping: Both these processes are performed in a single die to eliminate the requirement for a weld-nut
  • Progressive die-design: This particular method applies very sophisticated software that improves die development
  • Transfer stamping: This is a cost-reducing technique and it also reduces secondary operations when complex geometries are being stamped
  • Deep-draw stampings: This process allows formation of 3D-shapes, such as shells, squares and cylinders
  • Class A dies: These deliver increased accuracy versus steel rule dies
  • Magnified optical devices: These provide highly-precise grinding results

Prototype Design & Precision Stamping

We also offer prototype design services and these do not require any expensive dedicated tooling. You benefit from this and the prototype design & production becomes cost-effective before committing to any final design. If the stamping equipment is computer programmed, this too improves the turn-around time.

Regardless of what your metal stamping in Sydney requirement is, Micah & Company will be able to provide you with the best solution.  We provide customised solutions and ensure that you get high quality services at very cost-effective price points. For more information, call us on 1300 743 386. You can also contact us on this online form.

We Guarantee Quality Products, Exceptional Service and Competitive Prices

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