Metal Bending and Cutting in Sydney

Micah & Co. uses the latest cost-effective Sheet Metal Bending Sydney, Folding and Fabrication technologies and software such as CNC Turret Punching & Guillotining to guarantee high quality products and impeccable service to its customers. For over 20 years, we have serviced the Australian market by offering a range of sheet metal cutting solutions. We deliver high level of component detail and quality through the use of modern Punching processes and CNC laser cutting machines. The professional team at Micah & Co. has the ability to manufacture and deliver customized Sheet Metal Bending, Folding and Fabrication that our clients request with unrivalled detail and finesse.

To learn more about our specialization in design, cutting, fabrication, turret punch press processes, sheet metal welding and finishing of quality sheet metal components, you can call us at 1300-743-386 / 02 47 59-19-53. You can also fill in the enquiry form to gain maximum lead in the industry with our exquisite service.

Knowledge of All Cutting Processes

Micah & Co. has an in-house engineering team who ensure all CNC laser cut and punched parts produced are precise and of superior quality. We have a dedicated team with enormous industry experience and hands-on experience with CNC cutting. The laser profile cutting services are outsourced to another company, which specializes in a variety of materials like aluminium, brass, stainless steel, plastic and timber.

Customer satisfaction has always been the goal and we leave no stone unturned to surpass customer expectations. Our in-depth experience and knowledge of the latest technology creates a perfect amalgamation to ensure high quality and highly reliable products, which guarantee a long service life. Our technical know-how and knowledge of various Metal cutting processes is of the highest Australian standards.

Sheet Metal in Sydney

Micah & Company uses highly-specialised machines for metal bending Sydney. All our machines have a very quick set up, high-quality edge finish, easy material loading, automated part loading and synchronised rollers. All of these allow for a very high throughput of scratch-free aluminium and stainless steel parts. Our customers know that the products they give us for cutting will be produced to perfection and that there will be no scratches on the parts. This is the sign of the high grade equipment we use. We are able to process a range of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel and provide customised solutions that meet all your manufacturing requirements.

Important Factors

We use the latest sheet-metal cutting and metal bending in Sydney equipment so that you get the kind of profiles & designs you need for prototyping. We use a range of processes to bend the metal plate or sheet. The important factors that decide which process will be used are:

  • Work piece material’s bend radius
  • The size & thickness of the metal
  • The type of metal used
  • Size of that bend, the location and curvature of the bend are the other factors that come into play while deciding which metal bending process has to be used.

Customised Services

We have the expertise and the resources to provide customised metal bending solutions that will meet your manufacturing requirements. We are highly focused on providing you with high-grade work at the most competitive pricing and ensure that quality standards are maintained at all times. Regardless of how small or big your metal bending requirement is, Micah & Company will be able to provide you with the best solutions. For more information, call us on 1300 743 386. You can also contact us on this online form.

We Guarantee Quality Products, Exceptional Service and Competitive Prices

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