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How Sheet Metal Manufacturing Specialists Work

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of bending, cutting and joining of sheet metals to form various end products like frames, racks, stands or counters that can be used in arrange of domestic and commercial settings. Metals like stainless steel and aluminium are regularly used in sheet metal fabrications, due to their strength and flexibility. We, at Micah and Co. are one of the most experienced sheet metal manufacturing specialists in Sydney.

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The Best Aluminium Welding Method

Aluminium welding is a process of joining pieces of metals together just like any other welding process. It provides better smooth finished welded surfaces with lesser amount of effort as compared to the other traditional welding methods. Aluminium is also considered one of the most difficult metals to weld. The surface has to be cleaned well and the alloy’s chemical composition has to be checked, as an inappropriate filler alloy can result in cracks while you weld.  We at Micah and Co have years of experience in the field of welding and suggest TIG and MIG methods for aluminium welding to all welders.

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Steel Fabrications and Its Never-ending Uses

Steel has always been a very important element supporting human existence since the time it was invented. Especially due to its high tensile strength and its flexible and light nature, steel has been in high demand since the time of Alexander the Great; some believe that it was made, bent and sold long before that as well. However, modern stainless steel also has properties like corrosion and fire resistance, which proves to be very efficient and finds a wide range of uses in our civilization. At Micah &Co, we handle all types of steel fabrications; cut, bend and connect steel to form structures that can be used in a wide range of settings such as hospitals, homes, libraries, homes, industries etc.

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