Quality and Professional Metal Stamping

Metal stamping involves the basic processes used in manufacturing sheet metal. It is a crucial part of sheet metal manufacturing and production because it supports the mass production of a product. By making mass production efficient, metal stamping is part of the reason that Micah & Co. are able to bring down the costs of their products and processes. It is a popular technique in many different industries like mass production units, jewellery, real estate, and auto parts.

There is a certain process that should be followed to ensure that all metal stamping is completed to the highest possible standards. The first step of the process begins with the designer deciding the look and feel of the metal that is to be shaped. Many different factors need to be taken into consideration before the piece can be created. These include considering how the part will interact with other parts of the product, its size, how long it will last, and which technology is to be used in its production. Metal stamping requires a combination of the right equipment and technology, coupled with highly experienced technicians to guarantee the best results every time. Luckily at Micah and Co, Great technology and great people at our specialty. Metal stamping includes a range of different processes such as the following:

  • Bending
  • Forming
  • Flanging, Punching and Piercing
  • Embossing
  • Blanking

As well as being a crucial part of mass production, metal stamping techniques are an invaluable part of the creation of precision tools like medical devices. It also plays an important role in the creation of equipment for the aviation industry and it is used in the production of gages, landing gears, navigation systems, and the aircraft engine itself.

As part of our process of providing high precision and accuracy in all of our products, we use several different stamping dies during the production process. The type of die used will depend on how accurate manufacturing of the product should be, as well as the amount of metal required, the expected volume of production, and the complexity of the parts and tolerances. The different dies used are listed as follows:

  • Forming Die
  • Blanking Die
  • Pierce Die
  • Embossing Die
  • Trim Die
  • Compound Die

To learn more about our efficient and effective metal stamping processes, feel free to contact the team at Micah & Co. by filling out our online form, or calling us at 1300 Sheetmetal.