Fast, Responsive Steel Fabrications

At Micah & Co. We offer our customers a range of fast, responsive steel fabrication services for their business. Steel fabrication is considered extremely useful in a number of different industries. These industries include construction, military, transport, marine, and automotive. It may also be used in the production of private projects. It is used in the process of creating a variety of steel structures or components, as well is being used to manipulate steel in order to produce different shapes or patterns. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Micah & Co. Have been able to source the most experienced and talented fabricators to complete all required projects. Our technicians not only possess an in-depth knowledge of the steel fabrication process, they are also involved in the maintenance and repair of the machines. By keeping our machines in top-quality condition, we ensure that we can continually produce the highest quality products possible for our clients.

At Micah & Co. we are dedicated to creating products that our clients will love. We do not consider a job to be complete until you are 100% satisfied with the end product. We take pride in using the best in quality engineering techniques and technology to produce efficient and beautiful products for our customers. We bring a touch of precision, finesse, and beauty to every product we work on. We also believe in good old-fashioned service for our clients. By taking time to listen to your requirements and the exact product you want created, we are better placed to create a solution tailored to fit your specific needs.

There are a number of steps that must be completed for steel fabrication to be a success. Firstly, the material is cut. This can be completed with either shears, a laser cutter, or a guillotine. After this punching is completed with the aid of a punching machine, after which the sheet metal is sent to be shaped. This will involve both folding and bending which is completed on presses. To ensure that we achieve the highest quality results for you every time, our technicians will purchase all materials used, and then process them according to the individual requirements of the customer.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, or you would like to request a project to be completed for you, simply contact us on 1300 Sheetmetal, or if you would prefer, fill out our online form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.