The Best Aluminium Welding Method

Aluminium welding is a process of joining pieces of metals together just like any other welding process. It provides better smooth finished welded surfaces with lesser amount of effort as compared to the other traditional welding methods. Aluminium is also considered one of the most difficult metals to weld. The surface has to be cleaned well and the alloy’s chemical composition has to be checked, as an inappropriate filler alloy can result in cracks while you weld.  We at Micah and Co have years of experience in the field of welding and suggest TIG and MIG methods for aluminium welding to all welders.

TIG [Tungsten Inert Gas] Method

  • TIG method uses a tungsten electrode and electric arc, which is bombarded by inert gas to protect the weld pool and the non-consumable electrode from oxidising effects of atmospheric oxygen.
  • This process known to offer high quality surface finishing leaving no slag and spatter.
  • It is used in small scale applications in which 10mm thickness of materials are required to be welded.
  • No flux is required due to inert gases (Argon or Argon + Helium) used to protect the weld pool from contamination.
  • No fumes are produced while using TIG welding method as long as the base metal is cleaned well.

MIG [Metallic Inert Gas] Method

  • MIG welding method is used to weld larger and thicker pieces of aluminium metal.
  • The MIG equipment consists of a powerful welding gun, power supply, a shielding-gas supply & a wire-drive system. The wire-drive mechanism is a spool of metal-wire electrode with is pushed out through the gun allowing the worker to hold the work piece with one hand.
  • MIG welding provides a good finished surface, much quicker compared to small scale TIG systems.
  • Less amount of spatter is produced, which can be easily removed and smoothened with minimal grinding or brushing of the surface.
  • No use of flux, and no chances of slag, provides high quality, durable and strong aluminium welding.

MIG welding may not provide the smoothest looking weld like the TIG, but the popular method of using pulse arc welding method along with the MIG, gives best welding results.

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The MIG method proves to be quicker and efficient for large scale requirements while TIG works best for smaller welding surfaces. If you are in Sydney, you can rely on us for any welding requirements, as we provide the best welding results using the latest equipment available for both TIG and MIG. We are Micah and Co, one of the most experienced sheet metal fabrications’ companies in Sydney. So whenever you need an aluminium welding professional, you can simply give us a call on 1300 743 386 or submit this Contact Us form and we’ll take care of the rest.