Laser Cutters for Precision Engineering Solutions

At Micah & Co we pride ourselves on using some of the best technology available to create high quality sheet metal fabrication solutions for our clients. Our laser cutters are a highly important piece of equipment in ensuring that we continually provide high quality precision for the products we offer our customers. Our laser cutters can be used for shaping and cutting a wide range of materials like paper, plastic, and metal. The power of our laser cutters is impressive, and can be directed and managed easily and in a manner that will provide a perfect cut for our customers every time.

Laser cutters have become highly popular, and they are now used in almost every area of the manufacturing industry. While high-powered lasers can be used to cut hard materials like metal, lower powered lasers are able to be used in the process of cutting fabric. One of the benefits of laser cutters comes from their ability to be used in engraving intricate decorative shapes and patterns onto a variety of materials. With so much power focused in one small beam, laser cutters are the perfect combination of precision and technology to provide the best finish for our customers every time.

Laser cutters work by utilising a narrow wavelength light to melt away the material that it is focused on. This powerful beam can be used to provide high precision and accuracy in the design and decoration of any material on which it is used. There are two basic cutting methods that can be used. These are oxidation and fusion cutting. While the oxidation method is highly effective in cutting carbon steel, the fusion method is better for aluminium, stainless steels, and other alloys. Part of the appeal of using a laser to cut materials comes from their high level of customisability. Laser cutters vary in that some are used to cut cloth, while others are used to create intricate designs on metal materials.

Laser cutters are a popular piece of equipment in any manufacturing industry. They combine flexibility and precision, with high productivity and a high quality end product, and this makes them perfect for a range of activities. They are widely regarded as extremely safe to use, as most laser cutters will require minimal user interaction. At Micah & Co. we are fans of laser cutting, and use the equipment to aid in the provision of the delivery of high quality, low cost sheet metal products to our customers.