Most common Commercial Uses

Laser cutters are used for a variety of applications across industries. Popular as one of the finest technology which guarantees high quality precision, the laser cutters are used for cutting materials like paper, plastic, metal, cloth etc. With CNC laser cutters, the output of the high power laser can be easily directed and managed. It increases the efficiency, guarantees better productivity and offers low operational cost.

Laser cutters are actively used in almost every manufacturing industry. In Textile industry, the laser cutters are used to cut sheets of fabric. Low power lasers are generally used for cutting these softer materials. Laser cutters are also used in sheet metal manufacturing industries to achieve good surface finish. It can also be used for modifying, fixing and various other processes involving metal cutting.
Rubber and plastic being softer than metals can be easily cut with low power laser cutters.

In order to create intricate designs, laser cutters are used for engraving decorative shapes and patterns.