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Different Dies Used for Stamping

Metal stamping is an extremely crucial process which plays a pivotal role in many complex industries. The high precision parts required for medical devices are practically impossible to be made without metal stamping processes. Similarly the automotive industry also largely depends on metal stamping for some of its critical parts. The components of brakes and airbags are generally made from metal stamped parts. Precision equipments which includes gages, landing gear, navigation systems and the aircraft engine used in the aerospace industry are customized during metal stamping process.

To achieve the high precision and accuracy there are excellent metal stamping dies involved during the stamping process. Depending on the degree of accuracy required, there can be different types of stamping die coming into the picture. The design of the die takes into consideration several factors like the metal required, expected volume of production, complexity of the part and tolerances. Let’s know more about the different dies used for metal stamping:

  • Forming Die: Used for performing forming and bending operation. This type of die can perform many bends and forms simultaneously.
  •  Blanking Die: This type of die is used for metal stamping which produces a flat piece without any holes. It can produce extremely accurate and flat parts.
  •  Pierce Die: Metal stamping processes which involves punching of holes use this type of die.
  •  Embossing Die: This is one of the most commonly used die for metal stamping where the die is used to compress the metal blank to emboss or raise into a form.
  •  Trim Die: As the name signifies, once the metal stamping process is over, this die is used to remove excess material from the parts.
  •  Compound Die: This type of die can cut outer periphery shape and punch internal holes with one press stroke.

The choice of the die depends entirely on the requirements of the metal stamping process. Metal stamping technique is versatile and its usage extends to various industries.