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Micah & Co.

Micah & Co. is a professional sheet metal fabrication company in Sydney that specializes in all aspects of sheet metal manufacturing and other welding services. They are always searching for ways to improve efficiency in their processes, reviewing every detail of each step.

Sheet metal is popular in hospitals, food preparation or processing facilities, and many other industries. Thus the demand for sheet metal fabrication is high. This does not mean, however, that you should settle for any ‘just another’ sheet metal fabrication company. Quality is very important to ensure functionality and long service life.
If you need sheet metal fabrication done for your business, Micah & Co. can help you with every aspect of the process – no need to go to different businesses. They are a well-known company in the steel industry and are available for consult.

Sheet Metal Design
Micah & Co. invests in high tech equipment for their company and provides ample training for their dedicated staff. This results in high quality products and excellent customer service. Innovations and improvements are core parts in the company’s business philosophy. Sheet metal fabrication is a complex process, but the staffs at Micah & Co. have it down to a science.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

The following are some of the tools that Micah & Co employs in its sheet metal fabrication process:
• CNC Turret Punch Press
• Customized Sheet metal Fabrication
• Guillotining
• Grinding and Polishing
• Laser & Plasma Cutting
• MIG & TIG Welding
• NC Folding 7 Axis processes
• Painting/Powder/Coating
• Single Sheet Metal Components
• Spot & Stud Welding
• Sub Assemblies
• Welding Services

Sheet Metal Folding – Metal folding is done in house by Micah &Co.’s experienced staff and can be customized to your needs. Before the folding process begins, engineers calculate all factors of bending physics such as bend allowance and bend deduction.
Sheet Metal Cutting – This is where the laser cutting technology and software shine. Micah & Co. has over 20 years of experience providing Australia with sheet metal cutting services and continues to hold a high standard and long service life for all of its products. They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers’ needs and make customer service a priority.
Welding – For metals that require high-quality service finishes, repair castings, or pressure piping, the TIG welding technique is preferred. MIG welding results in less deformation of the material. There are many challenges in aluminium welding despite the low melting point of the alloys. That being said, Aluminium welding provided by Micah & Co. is promised to be the best quality.
Stainless Steel Fabrication – It consists mostly of metal bending and cutting. Steel fabrication is in high demand and Micah & Co. guarantees quality to all customers.
Laser Cutters – Micah & Co employs some of the most high-tech software in the field for sheet metal cutting. The computer numerically controlled (CNC) Turret Punch Press expedites metal stamping and allows the company to provide clients with high levels of component detail while still delivering the product on time and at a reasonable price.